Will you show me how to operate the gear?

Of course! We won’t give you a full seminar – but we’ll do our best to help you understand basic operations and best practices if you would like that info.

Do you provide crew?

Yes. We can offer experienced crew for your productions. Our rates are reasonable. Whether you’d like us to operate a piece of gear that you or your crew are less familiar with, or you would simply like additional crew on your set for your production – we are happy to assist. We can fill a wide variety of rolls on set.

What if I’m interested in renting the whole truck?

We do offer the whole truck as a package. Very good rates. We require at least a driver to be hired on. Usually when the truck goes out productions will hire a Gaffer or grip to accompany the truck which negates the need for a separate driver.

Do you offer discounts for extended rental periods? 

Yes. 3 days = 1 week.

I’m shooting an independent film, any way you can help us out?

Alright, you got us. We have a soft-spot for indie films – the answer is: maybe. We do offer discounts for indie films.

If you are looking for heavier discounts or additional help on-set: shoot us an email and let us know what you’re doing. FYI, we’re not really into horror films.